Love your Wellbeing

14 December, 2021


Let’s talk






And how they connect


This one’s from Kate

Well , for Kate

She was our inspiration

We’d like to remind her

And reassure her

For no other reason

Than we can

That where she’s at , is exactly where she’s meant to be

And it’s only getting better


Kate’s been busy , Being

As usual

But , in particular , with a new puppy

Her last dog , Frank , decided to join us some months ago

And although , she was happy to settle into his absence , she realized there would come a time , she would like to love again


This is the natural order of things for you there

When something wears out , or is no longer

You seek a replacement

When you experience fun & stuff that makes you happy

You crave more of that

It’s a reasonable action

In fact , it’s as close to organic as it gets

And it feeds your Wellbeing


Kate’s been wrestling the Contrast created

Just what her feelings are saying

If her moving forward , is really moving on 

And replacing Frank

And the love they had


The puppy may have changed

But the way she loves , hasn’t

Her “Want” to love , is still strong

Her heart fills with joy , every time she thinks of Frank


You always receive what you want

And because , what comes to you , is always & forever a vibrational match to you

And because Kate wants to always love Frank

And because , for Kate , dogs are an expression of Joy

Her Energy is flowing

Energy , that is deliberate & intentional

And it’s attached to sensation

The sensation of happy & fun & reciprocity

It’s unconditional & unlimited


Like her dedication to this sensation

She wants to feel good

She chooses it


Now , is where the connection occurs

The link between love & wellbeing & dogs

Well , all animals really

And all forms of fun

Wellbeing is not about your body

It’s all about your ” Allowing ”

It’s about how your freedom of being , shows itself in your physical vehicle or presence


For Kate , part of her flexibility & Allowing will always encompass her love of animals

In particular , the Joy created & received from dogs

She knows this unlimited , intense , all consuming satisfaction & peace from being in their company

It’s a true bliss for her

The exchange of affection & attention is a reflection of Wellbeing


She has no problem allowing it

She has no problem receiving it

She can always & forever , just allow it to be

This is what we mean when we say

Find Joy

Stop Resisting

Start Allowing


If all Kate ever does , is hang out with puppies

Her Wellbeing is sorted

She’s busy finding Joy

And in doing so

Allowing her Wellbeing , to just Be


Wellbeing is laminated to all the stuff that feels good

And when you’re not resisting

You’re Allowing

And when you’re Allowing

You’re not resisting

And so on

And so on






Don’t resist the temptation to have fun

Your Wellbeing depends on it


Much love

Hope (& Kate ….. & Frank) xxx

29 July 2021


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