Make the Moment

8 November , 2023

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This moment is what you make it

It’s important when you’re looking for answers or seeking change to find someone or something that speaks your language

To align yourself with that which makes sense to you

Or brings you peace or contentment in it’s existence or way of expression

As human beings you will always seek out the things and experiences that align you with what you think or believe

And you will always align yourselves with that which proves your point of view

It’s a human trait or characteristic

And you don’t need to fight this

It’s not flawed

But it’s pretty important to appreciate it’s mechanics

Because thought, is such a powerful tool to negotiate your lives and to finding and maintaining your happy

It’s critical that you really resonate with how you are finding your way and just what beliefs you want to participate in


Does what you’re being , doing or having – “FEED” , your being  doing or having

All your actions are working toward end results, all the time

So if you aren’t 100% happy yet

Know it will come if you just keep moving forward

Keep reaching for what feels better

It’s a gentle process

Not a mad hurried rush

And each moment connects to the next

And the next

And the next

There is only one time frame

Right NOW

And it will always be right

And you will never get it wrong


If you pay attention to yourself in the moments of your wanting

And make your critical decisions be about feeling better than you do in the previous moment

All the wondrous laws of your universe come together and magic happens

You are inspired as opposed to pressured


We want you to want for yourselves

We want this for you

What you desire for yourselves


If you want to gift another

Align yourself with the hope of someone achieving their goal

If you are going to spend time or energy on another

Let it be in this way

It’s all that makes sense

When you realise and appreciate that personal choice is laminated to you as individuals

So, you can’t choose for anyone but “you”

And they can’t choose for anyone but “them”

And you can’t “change” anyone but “you”

This is all that’s left

All there is, to focus on, and align with, in respect to each other

Is to RESPECT each others’ right to align with whatever you choose


It is the only point of power that will action anything different to what you already have going on

So if you insist on thinking more about what other people are being doing or having, than yourself

And you want change

Or something different

Allow your attention to be taken here

To a point of attraction that understands this fundamental

To a moment that taps into vast and unflawed Universal Law and showcases the human spirits ability to share and align itself with absolute proof


If you can master all that is “within”

You will never go “without”

And you will see and feel change and inspiration all around you

If you can accept your happiness equally as important as another’s

This is powerful alignment

And everyone wins from such a vibration



“I am one with all happiness“


Much love




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