” More “

10 Dec , 2022

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Never ask for more

at the cost of becoming less


When we say “ask for more”

we mean

seeking more – of the good stuff

By this , we mean , the stuff that lights you up

That creates feelings of joy , peace, clarity , wellbeing , connection, synergy , growth


Finding more – of the self , about the self

By this we mean , knowing who you are

and what you want

and what works for you

and what doesn’t

(and leaving that alone)


MORE is just a word

It’s one many of you assimilate with greed and superfluous extravagance

In our case, it’s not


in this case

it’s not

Because really

It can be whatever you want it to be

And it is

whatever you’ve made it


(read that again)

And then understand

When we say ” More “

We refer to

More than what you’ve got going on

“ More ” is a building block

It’s the thing of strong foundations

It’s the solid core principles and ideals that are part of your life as individuals

It’s who & what you are and will be


As people

You carry and emit an energy

That energy

Is a magnet

a beacon

To energy just like itself


Just standing still

people, places, things, qualities, experiences

Will find their way to you


The ” More

We care most about

Is the essence of your energy

What it’s made up of


Because what it’s made up of

Is what it’s attracting to itself

And it all depends on you

It’s YOUR energy

It’s , your choice


And we can assure you

With absolute knowing

Long after the bangles , baubles and trinkets

Well after the dollars and private planes

What stands strong

and goes where you go

and remains

NO matter what

Is the version of you

That is authentic

The real human

The one that realises energy is a commodity

It’s your ticket to real wealth and happiness


Once you grow it

It keeps going

It expands

All the while

Attracting to it


And if all you ever do

Is explore and invest in your energy portfolio

It will rain Christmas all day long with the tangible happiness of all forms of stuff


That stuff

Is just the by product

A bonus , even


To create for deliberate results

You must first know what they are

What you are seeking

And then to attempt heading toward them

You must know who you are

What you are capable of

Because YOU are the way there

The vehicle

And the journey


To us , it makes complete sense

To invest in and grow the one thing that lasts and you have real purchase over

As opposed to accumulating things that are perishable

Your Energy

Transcends the self


It’s paying it forward in the biggest way possible

If you master The self

You master all that is

Much Love


18 Nov, 2022


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