My Story

18 July , 2022

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My story

Is the dialogue I have with myself

The way I look at life

the choices I make

the beliefs I carry

The things I believe about myself

The way I see others

the limitations I feel

the excuses I make

It’s either the noise I add to

or the Bliss I create

My choice

It can only be Autobiographical


Up to me

I need to own it

I’m always busy Being

It’s just sometimes

I’m pretending to be someone else

An imposter

Someone who doesn’t think they have choice


I know this is crap

I’ve proven time after time

It’s bogus


I know my thoughts become things

I know my feelings will guide me

I know my energy attracts energy just like it

I am a creator

We all are


My story

Won’t write or rewrite chapters that do anything other than

Lift me up

Help me grow

Make me happy

Show my worth

Help me dream

Let me love


Kate xx

17 July, 2022


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