My Wonderful Life

25 Nov , 2022

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Ok, so get ready

Theres’s going to be a rambling…..

You can either settle in

or switch off

or even check out

Especially if you’re gonna have tunnel vision…..



In this moment

I’m Kate, the human

AKA: not Master of the Universe

Let alone the Multiverse


It’s been a great Friday

I worked my day job

We had fun

Finished early

AND had an afterwork drink with the husband

Real world stuff

As a human

On any day


I got home

I snapped back into, “being real”

Real fast

There were things and stuff and circumstances

that needed my attention


Oh , and whether you buy into it or not

I’ve noticed a lot of talk about Gratitude the last few weeks

It’s everywhere

It’s about the planets

Or where we’re at as a species

Or maybe,  just flavour of the month

Have you noticed?



I won’t usually talk about my kids this way

Cause it’s not my story to tell

But on this occasion

The sharing is so valuable

But only, if you’re paying attention

and you’re interested

Hopefully they’ll forgive me

And behave like who I know them to be


And I need to mention….

A fabulous new friend has had me paying attention to…..


myself really

yeah , the me


as opposed to the collective “US”

and how I feel and think about myself

and taking notice of my ever expanding self esteem and confidence

(thanks for that, you know who you are xx)


Ok, back to the kids



not yours

or just in general

Ok, lets agree, maybe it’s going to apply to more than mine


The one, has a fabulous newish friendship in their life too

and there has been the most insane resonance of “Law of Attraction” going on

Watching life , and those you love , embracing who they are

and what they’ve attracted into their orbit

is sooooooo fabulous!



I get home

and I’ve asked

what I consider a small consideration….

Please clean up your room before you unleash “the Weekend”


So , there’s laundry EVERYWHERE

and I need to access the washing machine for the Mr and my clothes

I stand in the laundry

take a deep breath

and it all starts to take shape

it all comes,  not only into view

But clear

Crystal clear

I mean

Clarity is my friend



The dryer is choka block

The bench is completely covered

And the washing machine is issuing alerts

that’s it’s consumed

and is finished

and needs to eject


Yes, laundry



I could swear till the air turns blue

I could walk away

and leave it

but in the moment

I close my eyes

and hang my head

Deep breath

Open my eyes


I’m looking at the floor

hang on……

it’s clear


New mood

New me

I take another look at where the bench used to be

and realise

It’s drowning in CLEAN clothes

I open the washing machine

and pull out what’s in there

It’s the sheets I asked to be washed from people staying over

AND the blanket

the blanket

the blanket

the sweet ass blanket!


I smile

I even let out a giggle

I’m so proud

I’m so happy

I’m a success


Because in this moment

I register

and I know

Life is not only wonderful

and it’s listening to my wants

and it’s ALL ok


Life is Wonderful

Did I mention that !?


Know why?

I DIDN’T even ask for the blanket to be washed

It was just done

I asked for the bare minimum

and would have been happy with that


But this child of mine

exceeded expectation


They made me proud

They bought me joy

They honoured their new friend

They showed me

they not only listen

they , think for themselves


It was a sweet gesture to clean up this way

it showed care and attention to detail

I know they get it!


And all of it says more about me than it could EVER say about anyone else

I love the small stuff

I adore unexpected gestures and surprises

I’m not a crap parent


Did I mention…….



If you want to be content

If you need proof

If you’re waiting for life to meet your checklist

Be open

Be ready

And don’t forget

What’s showing up

Is answering your asking


Celebrate the wins

ALL of them

You may first need to remember how to recognise them


I love my life

Have a great weekend

Hope you enjoy the view


Much love

Kate (& Hope) xx


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