Remember To Be Grateful

7 December , 2021


Most of you find it easy to want

To ask for things

To send a vibration of desire


So many of you , see the exercise as a 2 step process

I ask

I get

I ask

I get

And repeat

And repeat


And this works


Without exception


What so many haven’t aligned with yet is Step 3

How to speed the process up or achieve greater results


Step 1 & 2 without Step 3 could look a little like this

“ this doesn’t work ”

“ I didn’t ask for this ”

“ this is rubbish ”

“ what am I doing wrong ”

“ why is it taking so long ”


sound familiar….


Step 3 , people , is the best bit

It is the realization

The proof that what you asked for is here & more is on its way

That it is ALL possible

That the law is actually in effect

That you are in charge

And you can have as much , or as little of it , as you want




When what you asked for arrives


Be happy about it

Say thanks


Not just the big stuff

And not just the stuff you want to keep , or remember asking for

All of it

Even when you’re going through the things you wish you weren’t

You can’t deny they arrive using the same premise that had you winning the lottery last week

It all comes from the same place

This is why we say to do your asking when you’re in a place of feeling good

Or when life feels calm or easier

You are more centered & your vibration is in a better space to attract more good vibes


Without the vibrational offering of Gratitude

Your wants become almost 1 dimensional

They lack luster

Or you have to sift through the Wants you recognize asking for


Your energy & your Vibration are working because that is what they do

But you may fail to recognize their results

You may believe you are the exception, or that the laws of the universe have passed you by


They are always in existence

And they are always working

It is your actions that leave you wondering

Placing yourself in alignment with what you want happens when you’re Grateful

And to receive , you have to be a Vibrational Match to your Want

In any situation

No matter the circumstances

If you connect with an appreciation of anything that is working in your life

Or just anything that makes you happy or lights you up

From the feel of a cool breeze to a free soda to an unexpected hug

You will attract more of the same

More of what is working

Be open to receive!


It is the deliberate action to be aware that is the dominant vibration

Your dominant point of attraction

The Fundamental is at work

And so are you

When you exercise Step 3



Much love


1 Dec 2019


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