The 2 tool Kit

19 Jan , 2023

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Maybe it’s more of a Tool belt…..

Makes for easier access

And quickdraw action

Could be quite the fashion accessory…..




You have 2 tools that are all you need for a life of freedom and joy

(wear them how you wish )

And they both happen in the body

Thinking and Breathing


Breathing creates space

And space allows room for thoughts

And thoughts create results

(Remember: Thoughts become Things)

( Ok  ?…)

Both can be held

But not touched

Again ,  in this vehicle you have for life

A body

Nowhere else

In this way

Does energy manifest itself as it does here on planet earth in a physical ,  human ,  body

When you breathe

And think

These 2 actions

Are unique

And powerful

They were deliberately part of your design

They are a team


Use them to speed things up

Or slow things down

Understand that one can affect the other

They have synergy

Slow your breathing

Quiet your mind and your thoughts


If your thoughts are racing and uncontrolled

Your breath , is likely chasing them to catch up

If you make your breathe your point of focus

Your point of attraction

It holds the space

For your thinking to create with ease and freedom

To be selective and intuitive

To grow

Not gush

Use them to grow who you are

Understand how they function

They are building blocks

To a life you love


Much love


13 October 2022


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