The Magic of Music

18 August , 2023

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We’ve just spoken about language

And NO this isn’t a reprimand about swearing…..

Cause that’s not as important to us as it is to some of you

But what is of importance

What matters enormously

And we not only CARE about


Is another form of language

And communication



It’s a form of universal language

Understood, by it’s vibration

Interpreted by each of you


And widely accessible and shared


It is one of the wonderful expressions of your “humaness”

Made by you

For you

Because of you

About you

And when it has lyrics

And you blend sounds and singing

It’s blissful co creation


Most , if not all of you enjoy it

Or use it

Or listen to it

In some way shape or form

It is one of the few expressions

That you allow to be individual

Without caring

Without judgement

You simply settle into the fact you may enjoy different types

And more than one


It is also one of the ways you exhibit and understand the concept of separate, yet together

When you gather at your concerts

When you go to a “gig”

When you play music, live or recorded

You gather together

Each listening

And hearing

Through your own bodies

Your sense of enjoyment coming from different things

The experience as unique to each of you

As you yourselves are


One thing that IS common to all of you

Is the way music affects your vibration

How this vibration connects to your vibration

How it activates emotional response

Music can lift you up

Calm you down

Help you cope

It’s a natural tool for life


It is such a gift

For the joy it brings

And the sharing it creates

This “creation that creates


Use it

Tap into it

Allow it to be what you need

When you do

You raise your vibration

You tap into flow

You love

You allow

You can come to understand and experience

And explore




You’ve heard it said

Many times

Many ways

We’ve said it

We’ve reminded you

“Enjoy the journey, not just the destination”

We’d take snacks


( maybe a mixtape……

across a few genres

it helps with being emotion appropriate

journeys can be a roller coaster, you know….

and somedays….

that’s just the trip from the house to the car…..)


Music is an act of service

It has purpose

And meaning

And we cannot

And will not

Consider it to be anything other than valuable

In all it’s forms


It is a great example

To how your senses

Behave in synergy

When you are listening

When you are feeling

You are expanding your energy

Music is a form of energy

That allows you to connect to your own energy

And to create and expand organically

As it moves you


To the musicians

To the singers

To the composers

And ALL in between

We give thanks

We appreciate this form of your creation so very much

It is so easily shared

And facilitates so much pure JOY

In all the ways it ripples out into the universe

You are clever to create

You are clever to listen

You are WISE when you enjoy it


Much love



Join The Joy