The Power of Positive Vibes

10 December, 2021


When you’re looking for answers

And trust us when we say , you all are

It’s just whether you’re doing it consciously

With deliberate intent

Or coasting with the flow of any old thing that greets you


It’s crucial , to find someone , or something , that speaks your language

Because if you can’t understand what the heck you are being shown or told

It’s pretty pointless


At the same time

Sometimes , you have to be open to the prospect of learning a new language

And if you “ think ” that’s impossible


It will be

You see , it’s all about self fullfilling prophecies

And always aligning yourself with the proof of your argument or belief

As humans , you will always see the proof that supports your point of view

You are busy in every moment attracting it to you

You will always find a match to what you think & believe

It’s law that it works like this

Law Of Attraction is always & forever at work

And until you have a real “Aha” moment

And you realise you got something you really wanted that was fabulous

You will think that all this is just a bunch of BS

Because you keep getting stuff you say you don’t want & you didn’t ask for




Lets talk about what you could do to flip that

To change the results you’re getting


We get it

Some of you are REALLY stuck

And believe deeply & without question

That where you are

Is where you’ll always be


All we ask

Is that you try to accept , that where the other guy is

The one that’s really lucky & has everything he wants….

Is somewhere “you” WANT to be


Because when you do that

You reach out to all that is

And say


I’m in this new moment

No longer in the same space I was a second ago

You are actively wanting more

More for yourself

That’s your platform to build on

To dream from

Yeah , it’s a super slim window for a lot of you

But it’s there

It exists

And YOU make it happen


Wants are always going to be there

They are currency for you as a Physical being to negotiate your best life & your best self


Wants come in thought form

They are fed by how you feel

And they are actioned in the second you think them


No , they don’t just pop up in realtime the second you think them

And NO ,  just to be clear , you won’t find a prestige car in the garage simply cause you thought you’d like one

We’re talking foundation stuff

The kind that holds your building up

Putting in place the thinking & actions you need to really grow & keep building on

One positive thought has to be followed by the prospect of more

And you are the engine that drives this

And without the ability to remain open to a long lasting habit of better thinking

You’ll get a result

But one that isn’t sustainable

Or as you imagined


To create tangible things

You need a healthy forever habit of thinking

The “stuff ” you create is really a byproduct

You’re not actually attracting ” things ” to you

It’s more like you’re nurturing energy that will be a match to more energy that’s the same as itself

The key is the energy

And feeling good is the ticket

Remember anything solid is just vibrating energy

So master the energy & the rest is a given


If you can’t accept that it has to be about the energy

It makes it difficult for us to share how to create the “stuff

And you might say Yeah , sure , we get it

But you actually won’t , until you do


Our tip would be

Just make it about feeling good

Or at least better , than you currently do

And then you can start building your energy

Creating your happy is solid stuff

When you’re looking for content to attach yourself to

Buy into whatever fantasy feeds your happy

Seek out the people , places , & stuff that make sense to you

The rest of the planet may consider you cracked

But it’s your life , your thoughts , your experience

And NO ONE does you, like you

You’re the original

The one & only YOU


If you’re finding it difficult to stretch your thinking

Don’t focus on that

All you need to do is feed it

Look for things that make you feel good

Invest in activity that changes your mood or helps you feel lighter

Watch the world around you

Somewhere in it , there will be people being , doing , or having , stuff you’d like

Just considering that , by looking at it , is a start to something more than you’ve got happening now


And another tip

When you are feeling happy or a little better than you were


Acknowledge what it feels like in the moment

There is no greater Joy

And no stronger action to creating more good vibes


Vibes are good

Good vibes are better!


Much love


9 April 2021


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