Think Energy

26 August , 2023

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The mind thinks, and the body follows

The mind is the thinking mechanism

The body is the doing mechanism

Thought is of the body


In this way

This connection is a human manifestation

It is one of the many unique things you experience and explore when you decide to incarnate your Energy here

Here as a human

With a body

In physical form


You have yet to understand

That thought 

Is a communication tool, of the Human

It was only ever determined to assist the process of using your energy as a Human body

You get so caught up in how Thought is irrelevant to the process

And living your Human existence 

It is an expression of “All That Is

It is a building block

It is an enhancement indicator and creator

Thought itself is Conciousness

Every thing in existence

Is in itself

A form of Conciousness

And Energy

Because it is made up OF Energy

And was made manifest BY Energy

This is where we circle back and ask pause to digest

That all in Existence is Energy

The things themselves, tangible or otherwise, the feelings and emotions, felt or just known of 

AND the processes or powers of creating all these 

Is Energy

Really as humans  

You do well 

To take anything you have

Or can put a name to 

Or use words to explore or explain 

And it is ALL Energy

This you may grasp more….

Anything known to you,  is Energy

Anything imagined, is Energy

Anything perceived, is Energy

You see??

When we say “ALL”

We mean “ALL”

Much Love


6 August 2023


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