Want or Whim Vibration

11 February, 2022

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There is a difference between pondering something & adopting it

Considering a subject

Acting on it

And taking it as your truth

Are all exclusive vibrations

When something is your dominant vibration

IT , becomes your point of attraction

When you think it

or feel it

without hesitation

or prompting

or repeatedly

It’s a NOW belief

You’ve moved from shopping list

to purchase


to pioneer

tyre kicker



This is where your lives have expanded in an acceptable direction

And your creation is something of inspiration and wonder

that lights you up

and brings joy


You take responsibility for what you’re experiencing



This is the shift from ” taking a look “

Wondering about something

To the action becoming a clear vibration


A deliberate point of attraction

And you can dream all your days

Or you can create tomorrows , with purpose

The choice is always & forever



The way you feel when you think something

Will be a clear sign to where you’re headed

If your thought brings you peace

and allows you to feel freedom & ease

You’re onto something that’s a positive point of attraction

Often , if you’re stretching your boundaries and looking for growth

You may mistake your want to try something new ,

the uncomfortable feeling

or fear

As a reason not to proceed

When really

it’s just unfamiliar territory

Just New

Be discerning in your diagnosis

Return to the space a few times

If it gets easier

And usually it does

You will know that expansion is at hand

 You can’t similtaneously have a vibration of  “wanting” something


being scared of it , so much , you reject it’s happening

and expect it to come about

Your dominant point of attraction will be the fear

You’re in a state of resistance

If you can create calm in your pondering of an outcome

And a possibility that you will move from

how you feel now

To something better

Something freer , calmer

Then you are moving toward alignment with your want

You are becoming a vibrational match to it

We would ask you to consider your dominant intent or vibration

Over individual acts of expression

What is your dominant want

Does it fit into or feed the following energy you’re creating


If you are in a space of wanting more

More peace

More freedom

More calm

More knowing

More inspiration

More fun

More joy

More connection

Then usually what you’re asking

The very fact that you’re asking

Is the premise to your creating

And the vibration is strong

In action

And connected to Source

So what is greeting you

Is pure & clear manifestation of your effort

Any feelings of uncertainty will pass as you create your New Now


It’s all part of being a vibrational match

To yourself

And your thoughts

And your expansion

If your dominant intent or want is to be a vibrational match to Universal Energy & the Source of all that is

You just can’t get it wrong

It’s alright

It’s better than Ok

It’s All Right


Create with ease

Know that what’s coming is on track

And that you are in charge

And a powerful product of your own creation

Your wants are valid

Your results are proof

Be open

Be bold

Dream big

Feel free

Feel with ease

Being You

Is exactly why you’re here


Much Love


18 Nov, 2021


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