Welcome to the Newbies

23 Sept , 2023

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After yesterdays post……


This morning a brand new Being

Made their presence known

They call themselves “Kismet”


And here’s what they had to say….


“To truly love another

You must love the self


The source of all love

Is Self Love


To fill someone else’s cup

You must first fill your own

Love offered to another flows from a full cup


Real love is to encourage someone to love themselves


To fill their own cup

Love Self


Those who seek love external

Must embrace themselves

From within


Allow and accept love only from a full cup

It is an endless supply from its source

It is pure love

Flowing from its origin

Regenerative in its nature

Aware of its power

And blessing


This is how it is your right to be loved

If you cannot or will not love yourself

Why would others

And what offering is your love to another

If not valued at the source

By the source


Someone truly loved

Knows the source

Is always Self


Be loved

Dear Ones”



( 22 Sept 2023)



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