“What’s the deal with Cancer & are we going to find a cure?”

1 August, 2023

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” What’s the deal with cancer & are we going to find a cure? “


Let’s just get down to it

Cause we don’t know that you’re going to like what we have to explain

It’s probably going to be uncomfortable

Your responses, may even add to the issue…

Please know, NOTHING comes without invitation

Question what you are allowing , please


Anger , unhappiness , confusion , blame

All add to the energy of your environment

And these feelings and thoughts that drive them emanate from you

ALL of you collectively


You all play a part

You all have a role

It is the way of things

Of all creation

Free will

Personal choice

All feed into the one of “Being”

Being human on this planet

At this time

In this way


You must decide

You are the vehicle

That creates energy

And sends it out into your world


Set aside your anger

Put down your hate

In the moment, choose again

Align your energy to all that exists universally

Go beyond your body

Expand into Group Consciousness

Explore the parameters of all existence


Extend yourself

You can do this

You can achieve it

It is possible

It is NOW you have the power

In the moments you choose to create


More peace

Greater understanding

Feeling JOY

You are reversing pain

You are eliminating suffering

You are acting from your highest good

You and all you were intended and designed to be

The absolute best version of yourself


Know this

Connect with this

You will no longer feed cancer

You will be giving back life force

Your individual energy

Feeds into universal Wellbeing

Your ability to experience such attacks on the body

Diminish when you resist

Or refuse to attack each other


Cancer is a manifestation

Of your collective energies

Allocating effort and attention

To the behaviours that feed

Anything other than love for the self

And love for each other


You are ALL curing cancer

You are ALL creating Wellbeing

When you choose joy

Make a donation to a worthy cause

Be mindful in the moments

Clear your minds and hearts

Create clarity

THEN step forward


Do not repeat processes that bring disease

Do not accept as if, against your will

That which brings further

Or greater

Dis – Ease


Be present

Be in the moment

Align your energies

To love

And all that is

Allow Source into your hearts

And your experience

Be one with ALL you are

Not merely a version of the self

When you all do this

You become the alchemist

The healer

The reflection of the creator

All is well in your world


Much love (Always & Forever)



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