Why do I have to deal with crap that annoys Me?

8 April , 2022

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Why do I have to deal with crap that annoys me ?


Ok , at the risk of annoying you…..

Firstly , we’d like to tell you

“ that you don’t ”

As in , you don’t have to deal with anything that annoys you


Let’s be clear

It’s a choice you make

Let’s be REALLY clear

ANYTHING that is part of your experience

Is there at your invitation

It doesn’t just show up randomly

You are emitting something in your energy that is calling a response like you’re getting


You can do whatever you want

Whenever you want

But so the f#*? can everyone else

It’s not an exclusive right

You all have it


So if you’re getting responses to your behaviour because others don’t like it

Guess what !

You’re not on your own

People are allowed not to enjoy what you’re doing

Just like you’re allowed to dislike , or be ticked off , or call stuff in your experience “crap”

They are allowed to choose for themselves too

You both are


Thing is

You’re doing it together

at the same time , about the same things , maybe for different reasons

maybe feeling the same way about different things……..

We’re sure you get the point

The only absolute in what you’re being , doing , or having

Is that you’re all choosing it

 The trick is to respect that you have differences

And that there’s room for all those differences

And because like energy attracts like energy 

You’ll end up with your own crowd

Just being who you are

Of course this applies to all scenarios……

Some HOW

Some WAY

For some REASON

YOU are sending a signal

and life

and people

and crap

are attracted to your signal

Note to self :

It will probably 100% , more than likely , be that you’re a vibrational match to each other

Stop sending the same signal

and you’ll create a shift in what you attract

Your energy attracts TO IT , energy like itself



You are not the exception


Not sorry……


The way to tell what you’re putting out there

Is the response you’re getting

What’s showing up

If your life is reflecting things or people you’d rather not

You need to get curious

Explore what’s going on in your thought process

Where are you spending your time when you think about stuff

What are your beliefs surrounding certain subjects

And is it time to update them

Or start again

Are you actually using someone else’s beliefs or benchmarks as your own


Pay more attention to what you’re focusing on

Where is your attention

What are you feeling as you experience the crap you mention


If your mood is one of aggression or frustration or superiority

The message you’re sending is that you want more of the same

A shift in how you are in your life

attracts something different to it

If you can start a new habit of changing your own energy

what is attracted to you will shift also

It will continue to match what you’re putting out there

But if your energy levels up to something more pleasing

You’ll find the crap will become less and less


Wherever you set your attention

Is the signal you’re asking for a response to

If that’s a difficult task for you

Then start with just wanting to feel better

Anything better than what you’ve already got going on


Well , better than what you’ve already got going on


and you can’t argue with that


You choose to

And in that case

we’re out

You can argue with yourself

or someone just like you

We’ll be over there with the party energy

or even the feel good energy

or just the “ I’m learning more about myself every day” ENERGY

or maybe , the , I’m gonna feel this until I can see why I’m doing it and change ENERGY


Energy is energy

It’s attracted to itself

And it really enjoys the company of similar or same energy

All energy is good

Either cause you can feel a pleasing result in it’s company

Or it shows you where you’d rather be

It’s important to note

That anything other than joy or happiness or positive energy

is still useful

Feeling sad

or confused

or annoyed

Is part of the journey

They are something on your way to somewhere

They can be inspiring

And sometimes soothing

It’s just worth feeling comfortable with your own energy

And knowing you have the power to change or guide it

Wherever you want

Whenever you want

Because you want

Choose on purpose

As many times as you want


Much love


3 April 2022


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