Your “Normal”

16 August , 2023

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We would love you to explore your own “normal”

What you consider to be the fundamentals

Or even the insignificant beliefs and foundation to your thinking

To get curious

To stretch yourselves



There are people all around you exploring “their” normal

All the time


Those thinking

Those daydreaming

Those lost in their own internal love story of creation


There are always those “others” that have a different opinion, viewpoint or perspective

Add to that

The fact that they’re doing it from their own bodies, their own filter


What we would love for you to grasp

Is that no matter what

No 2 of you will ever have the same “normal

It is quite literally, impossible

It is one of the few, or rare things that is affected by being limited

And in the best possible way


Even when you find yourselves aligned or in agreement with others

On a particular topic or choice

That alignment will only ever be a similarity

A point of attraction from which to expand out into the universe as the self

YOUR self

Through your unique place of focus

Your body

Using your unique mind

And process of thought

And thinking

And then in turn how all of that feeds into

And affects

Your feelings and emotions


So you see

No 2 the same

Quite literally

Quite obviously

Because you are all unique

And then individual



All flowing energy

As energy

Adding to the universal escrow of unlimited

But the action itself stands alone

As yours


We watch Kate, often

As she allows her curiosity to explore

And attract

And expand


She can be deep in the process of conversation and exchange and sharing

With her listening completely honed

And in absolute alignment and agreement

Feeling completely and utterly in sync


She’s not


Until a point is made that simply does not resonate for her

And this is not to say the conversation takes a turn for the worse

Or that her attention is no longer engaged

It is just that not ALL of what is being shared is an exact match to her vibration

Or that the feeling that arises from the particular point is not of resonance

It feels external to her knowing, or acceptance


When this happens

She knows 2 things

Firstly , although she’s engaged

She’s still using and allowing her intuition

And secondly

To celebrate that she has found someone, something, or both

That are a vibrational match to her current self

She’s in a state of sharing

And this pleases her


What’s the benefit of entertaining this curiosity to all things “you” ?


It’s quite literally unlimited

Because you are eternal, infinite energy

That happens to be in the form of a human being this time round

When you get curious

When you explore

You find stuff !

Taking a look

Bears fruit

You learn about your self

You stretch your capabilities


And acceptance



And we think that you’d have to agree

That in the totality of all you’ve been exposed to thus far

As humans

Most of what is associated with growth

Is good


Plus, you accept that most LIVING things

Do it

And ……..

Just a reminder

You’re living

You’re alive

And so is your energy

So how about it…….


When you get curious

You question

You create

A space

A place

For there to be interaction



And it’s in this space that new form or altered form

Can move and expand

Creation occurs


And really, you do this all day anyway

For most, just without realising

Or being deliberate

Try it on purpose

It makes a great pastime

As imagination

Or dreaming

And it brings joy

And relief

Because it is a forever evolving thing

Your thoughts are the point of it’s “happening”

But your energy is the currency that’s affected


Whether you attempt

Or actually do this

You are in the process of rewiring your brain

Realigning your neural pathways

Shifting that which is

To more

More of what is wanted

More of what’s out there

More that feels better

More that lights you up

And fills your sense of Joy




You are growing you

And when you do this

You are contributing to the whole

You are giving back and paying it forward

Simply by enhancing yourself


It’s a wonderful thing

This “thinking

You have

Use it well

Create your own rules

Reward yourselves with it

You can’t get it wrong

You won’t break it

It was meant for so much more than you may give it credit


It’s here,  we’d like to mention “Kate in conversation”

Curious Kate

With her intuition active

On purpose

And then

The version of her that realises

Her very physical self

The “vehicle”

And how the vehicle has the conversation or thought

But the intuition is often what registers it


And in so doing, she realises the language used is what’s polarizing

The words

Because when she goes from listening with her mind

To listening with her intuition

The intent

The real message

The way the energy between people moves

And is expressed

And mingles

Is an absolute vibrational match

It’s the unconscious mind that has the best thoughts

That knows

That’s tapped in to all that is

And you connect to it in the daydreaming or imagining

When the body allows all senses to just be

It evokes the higher mind


The single greatest form of communication you humans have at present is language

You value it above all else as your primary source of interaction

And making yourselves understood

And yet it is so often misunderstood

It is left lacking

The true intent is often not grasped

Words are so inadequate and time consuming


You began in existence without them

Thought was the primary means of relaying information when first you came into being

And it has devolved over time

To where you believe yourselves to be more advanced

Superior even

When you use language


Several forms of language even

And yet

You still remain misunderstood


Lost for words


Your want to connect is admirable

Your yearning to be understood

And in turn understand

Is worthy

But it is with the connection you have with the self

That this process begins

You all have a sixth sense

That is by far your greatest

And yet underused

If at all activated 

Your “Intuition” 

When you hear with it

When you speak with it

Your mind

The “Unconscious” mind

Comes into play

You will come to know there is no need of understanding

No need to be heard

Or in turn communicate back and forth externally 

Or verbally 

You go beyond language 

To the true intent of expression 

Beyond misunderstanding 

Or misinterpretation 

You use the energy that you are

To express the energy that is

It’s a dance

Of unlimited results

A way of connecting on all levels

At once

It’s the language of all beings across all dimensions

Call it “Quantum” if you wish

Because we know you love a name

A label

We also know you’ll take a while to catch up

You won’t change your habits collectively over night

Although you could


When we offer meditation as a worthy pastime


Or practice

We are trying to connect you with the value of learning another language

Universal language

One that speaks to the self

About the self

By way of all that exists

And you cannot get it wrong

It simply is


So , when we say

it’s what you think that counts

This is where we play

In the arena of ALL

The mind has to offer

Beyond the mechanics of the body

Nestled in the minutia of Being

When you stretch your everyday thinking

When you get curious and explore

You tap into conversations and language

Of the unconscious

“The Quantum”


We’ll think it

And we’ll say it

And we’ll feel into it

And we’ll send it

Much love humans



Join The Joy