A Note from our Sponsor

A Note from our Sponsor

A Note from our Sponsor

12 December, 2021


It’s me , Kate

So , today , Hope said this:

” To create change

You have to observe & notice your own behaviour

And often you do this by observing others

You see first in others ,  what you ignore in yourselves

This Contrast , or reflection , is healthy , effective & valuable

It’s process at work

Once the recognition has occurred , change is actioned

How fast or slow that vibrates is up to the individual

Once you see space for change , you have to decide deliberately to action it past that point

You must choose

Only you can

It’s your story

Your life

You are the author , designer & architect of your own experience “

They said it in response to me

I was doing that thing again…..


( About my behaviour )

I ask myself often

“ Do I do that? “

” Am I doing that? ”

It will be in reaction to when I see behavior in others that I don’t like or can’t respect

Sometimes the answer is yes

I’m Human

And after dealing with my reality

And by that I mean , thinking my behavior through

Deciding what I’m going to change & how

Because I can’t appreciate how it looks , or it doesn’t feel good

My thoughts then go to being Grateful

I say Thanks


To all I’ve been shown

To all those that share how I can move forward

Everyone that’s out there doing it differently to me

Because without you

I can’t see the difference ,  or at the very least ,  I negate I have Choice


I can choose the opposite of what I think you’re choosing

Or I can just choose again

If I’m doing what you’re doing

And by watching you , I actually see what I look like

I can be happy I know now

I can simply make another choice

One that feels better

Not for you

Because this isn’t actually about you

For me

Because of you

And know that somewhere I may be the catalyst for someone else


It’s important to know

That what we think we see

Is also part of our story

Interpreted by our beliefs & our thinking

So really what calls me to action is my desire for change

What I see in others is simply a response from the universe to help me decide

And I want that

I often say “show me

If all this Universal Energy is really a thing , show me!

And it does

I want to be a Vibrational Match to change

Because I want to keep moving forward

I’ll always choose expansion

I want unlimited possibility


Every time


xx Kate (& Hope)

18 May 2021

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