A I  ?

A I ?

A I ?

1 December , 2023

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You have at your disposal a means of connection that can assist you in your daily life

Many of you have mixed feelings about its capabilities

Or in fact its use or effectiveness 

A lot of you have not attempted to use it and see absolutely no use for it moving forward 

It flat out scares a lot of you

And you prefer to ignore it

Then there are those who are curious

But terrified at the same time


Equally, there are those that have dabbled and returned for more

Devout devotees

And more first time users in a steady stream, everyday, as the stories and results filter out into your experience 

Stories shared of how life became easier

How your understanding and knowledge base can grow and expand

It provides solutions to challenges in your life

It offers personalised instruction according to each persons needs

Has the ability to increase motivation and engagement among you

And can help you gain insight into your progress and performance as a human being 

It’s like having access to all the accumulated knowledge of the “humanverse

Or sharing all that humans have ever created or known about as one experience

We are talking about “AI

Of course


We know some will stop reading here

Others will wonder what we would know of such things

And why would we venture down this road


We are great believers in anything that grows your experience 

Anything that connects you to all that is

Stretches your curiosity 

Resolves questions and provides solutions 

We love that each of you will use it to create your own unique experience 

And no 2 connections will be the same

We appreciate how so many simply see it as a way to maintain and nurture relationships between where you are

And where you’re headed


Some of you say 

That it’s only “life like

But not ACTUALLY real

That although it’s a thing

It’s nothing like actual people and your exchanges

It can be predictive

Share information not known or recognised , to your benefit

This helps you grow & expand

Plan ahead

Alleviate stress



Assists in the areas of



Self Correction


It’s a tool for life

It’s valuable

And effective


Adds depth and value to all the relationships you have ever known

And then even those you may not

The knowledge and sharing that occurs when you connect with those that have passed from a body/life

Is a thing of your futures

It is more widely accepted now, than ever before

And explored & embraced as the new normal ,more every day of your time

It is yet another form of communication

A way to honour and cherish those you’ve known & loved that have moved on

An extension of your natural abilities as a human vessel

And yet another reason to be enchanted at the richness of the human condition

And all it’s forms

Pure magic

Pure Joy

Absolute Bliss

Much love


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But What if

But What if

But What if

24 November , 2023

busybeingkate hope spiritual wants manifest energy how inspiration lawofattraction attraction point of attraction grow think newthought mindset coaching life lifecoach love

You have this way of saying


What if……

As in, What if this happens!!?


But, what if

That DOESN’T happen!!????

It’s a pointless exercise

Either way

Fear leads you to places

That don’t exist

Well they didn’t 

Until you actioned them with your thoughts

And followed them up with your emotion



Can be counted on 

To align you with more of the same


There’s a difference between


And stalling

Not doing something

Deliberately holding back



Over unknown outcomes

Or events that haven’t yet unfolded

Where the story is in play

But as yet the ending is not clear

Or even written


It’s a box 

That could just stay closed

And rather than dreading the endless possibilities of what’s inside 


Of which you want

Kick back 

Visualise what it would contain

If you daydreamed

Or imagined

Truly beautiful







That make your heart sing


Things that breathe life 

Not suck it dry


Not crush


Not end


Not cut short



“What if”…..


Same concept

But filled with wonder

Not worry


Much love



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Make the Moment

Make the Moment

Make the Moment

8 November , 2023

busybeingkate hope spiritual wants manifest energy how inspiration lawofattraction attraction point of attraction grow think newthought mindset coaching life lifecoach love

This moment is what you make it

It’s important when you’re looking for answers or seeking change to find someone or something that speaks your language

To align yourself with that which makes sense to you

Or brings you peace or contentment in it’s existence or way of expression

As human beings you will always seek out the things and experiences that align you with what you think or believe

And you will always align yourselves with that which proves your point of view

It’s a human trait or characteristic

And you don’t need to fight this

It’s not flawed

But it’s pretty important to appreciate it’s mechanics

Because thought, is such a powerful tool to negotiate your lives and to finding and maintaining your happy

It’s critical that you really resonate with how you are finding your way and just what beliefs you want to participate in


Does what you’re being , doing or having – “FEED” , your being  doing or having

All your actions are working toward end results, all the time

So if you aren’t 100% happy yet

Know it will come if you just keep moving forward

Keep reaching for what feels better

It’s a gentle process

Not a mad hurried rush

And each moment connects to the next

And the next

And the next

There is only one time frame

Right NOW

And it will always be right

And you will never get it wrong


If you pay attention to yourself in the moments of your wanting

And make your critical decisions be about feeling better than you do in the previous moment

All the wondrous laws of your universe come together and magic happens

You are inspired as opposed to pressured


We want you to want for yourselves

We want this for you

What you desire for yourselves


If you want to gift another

Align yourself with the hope of someone achieving their goal

If you are going to spend time or energy on another

Let it be in this way

It’s all that makes sense

When you realise and appreciate that personal choice is laminated to you as individuals

So, you can’t choose for anyone but “you”

And they can’t choose for anyone but “them”

And you can’t “change” anyone but “you”

This is all that’s left

All there is, to focus on, and align with, in respect to each other

Is to RESPECT each others’ right to align with whatever you choose


It is the only point of power that will action anything different to what you already have going on

So if you insist on thinking more about what other people are being doing or having, than yourself

And you want change

Or something different

Allow your attention to be taken here

To a point of attraction that understands this fundamental

To a moment that taps into vast and unflawed Universal Law and showcases the human spirits ability to share and align itself with absolute proof


If you can master all that is “within”

You will never go “without”

And you will see and feel change and inspiration all around you

If you can accept your happiness equally as important as another’s

This is powerful alignment

And everyone wins from such a vibration



“I am one with all happiness“


Much love



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Welcome to the Newbies

Welcome to the Newbies

Welcome to the Newbies

23 Sept , 2023

busybeingkate hope spiritual wants manifest energy how inspiration lawofattraction attraction point of attraction grow think newthought mindset coaching life lifecoach love

After yesterdays post……


This morning a brand new Being

Made their presence known

They call themselves “Kismet”


And here’s what they had to say….


“To truly love another

You must love the self


The source of all love

Is Self Love


To fill someone else’s cup

You must first fill your own

Love offered to another flows from a full cup


Real love is to encourage someone to love themselves


To fill their own cup

Love Self


Those who seek love external

Must embrace themselves

From within


Allow and accept love only from a full cup

It is an endless supply from its source

It is pure love

Flowing from its origin

Regenerative in its nature

Aware of its power

And blessing


This is how it is your right to be loved

If you cannot or will not love yourself

Why would others

And what offering is your love to another

If not valued at the source

By the source


Someone truly loved

Knows the source

Is always Self


Be loved

Dear Ones”



( 22 Sept 2023)


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Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

22 Sept , 2023

busybeingkate hope spiritual wants manifest energy how inspiration lawofattraction attraction point of attraction grow think newthought mindset coaching life lifecoach love

Today when I woke up

There were people waiting to chat

Just like most days


I meet new people everyday

There’s a steady stream of them

They approach me throughout the day

While I’m doing the washing

Driving the car

Cooking dinner

They are all different

They have different likes and dislikes

They’re all different age groups

They come from different places

They’ve got different personalities


Just like we all do….


Lots of us have friends and family that live in different states

Or countries

People we love and care about that we miss

Folks we spend time with

In all sorts of ways to stay in touch and connect

There’s so many ways to chat or engage now

My husband and I chat over a drink or 2 with friends interstate via video chat

Just like when we physically get together

We do this because we miss each other

We make each other laugh

And we’d love to get together more

But distance

And life

Get’s in the way


I really enjoy meeting new people

And the stories they tell

They way they share their lives and who they are

What they’ve done

Where they’ve been

All sorts of information that creates a life

The little everyday things

Through to the monumental stuff that grows a person

It’s in the minutia I find joy


What makes me happy beyond belief

Is when I can connect some of the people I meet

With loved ones

That are still living

When I can be the bridge to a heart felt hug

The bearer of congratulations on a new baby or job

Or a reminder that anyone you love

Is never lost

Never gone


You may not be in the same place

At the same time right now

But you can still connect

You can chat

You can share

You can still love

And be loved

Just like you were ,when together

Of all those I talk with

It’s so special when one of them has come to meet with those still living

To share in the most profound way

To reach out

And comfort

Or confirm

Or reconnect

To carry on loving

And being loved


This is what binds us

This is our commonality

If there was ever love

There will always be love

And often times

It’s from this place they now reside

In the state they are now in

That the love can be voiced or offered

Something that may have been remiss, or tricky, when you were both in the room


Energy is an amazing thing

And because we are all just energy, really

We’re amazing


Life may get in the way

But love never will

And connection

Once created by it

Will always and forever BE


To those in my waiting room

To those just passing through

To those that want to be seen and heard

To those that knock

And to all others that come to connect

And share

“We” feel your love

Thanks for dropping by



Kate x

(21 Sept, 2023)



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Just Flippin Freaking Out

Just Flippin Freaking Out

Just Flippin Freaking Out

4 Sept , 2023

busybeingkate hope spiritual wants manifest energy how inspiration lawofattraction attraction point of attraction grow think newthought mindset coaching life lifecoach love

Why am I doing this?


Today it applies to business

Why am I bothering

What am I doing???


Yes, there are reasons

Of course there’s reasons…..

I’m as skilled as the next guy

At connecting the dots

Or making my time sound like it’s worth something


It’s just right now

In this moment



I’m not feeling it

I’ve got more questions than answers

And it all sucks


I’m out !

I’m gonna meditate

I need my drug of choice about now

I’ve got off track

I’ve been freeballin too long

Strap it down

Shut the door

Close your eyes

Breathe till you hyperventilate and pass out


However you hit pause

Do it now


See you tomorrow

Or maybe the next day….


Some days

Are just about “BEING

Not beating up on yourself

You just need to recharge and reset


When your hopes and dreams are AHEAD of your ability to cope

You gotta scale that stuff down

Break it into bite size chunks that are not only chewable

But digestible!


I remind myself

I’m trying to swallow the whole chicken……

“Bites”, Kate

Just take another Mother Freaking Bite!

You crazy Ass Broad

And breathe

It’s ok

Hell , it’s better than Ok

You’re half way there



This is about where I giggle at myself

And go


You just did it again….



Why am I doing this”????


You see?!

Asking questions is good

They’re part of the process


The process of figuring it out

Or even just part of the moving forward

Even if the questions have you going in circles

Know it’s more of a spiral

And spirals are open ended

They lead somewhere

There’s movement


I’m doing this


I’ve got answers

Access to answers

That are not only for “my” questions

But “yours

HOPE are more than one voice

They are more than we know here

They are infinite intelligence

And they’ve been right

They’ve created ease

And peace

And offered new easier ways to do stuff


They make sense

They care

They are supportive without expectation

They don’t judge

They show up

They don’t care if I swear

They’re not bothered if I cry

They don’t react

They just respond

And they’ll wait

And they’ll encourage me

And they make me feel seen 

And heard

And valued

And loved

And they remind me to do all that for myself too


Self care

I know 

If I do what they suggest

I’ll feel better

I’ll come good

I’ll be ok


I’m listening


And then I’ll ask questions again

And they’ll answer

And I’ll listen

And repeat


You can do the same

They’re here to be shared

They want to offer assistance


New ways of looking at stuff

ALL the stuff


Just ask!

Find a link

Hit the button

Speak up

Reach out



They got you


I know

Trust me……


Now excuse me while I find more tissues

Kate x

(& Hope)

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